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Congress Banned from Editing Wikipedia

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We rely on Congress to write our laws, but at least for now, they can't write on Wikipedia. This news comes out after several IP addresses linked to computers at the Capitol building edited dozens of Wikipedia pages, including the moon landing, the Kennedy assassination and Princess Diana's bio page. If you don't believe me, you can check it out for yourself. These Twitter pages, AT-congress editors and AT-congress hyphen edits are posting all of the hijacked posts, along with a link to the discovery source code. The Twitter account is quite popular, with over 26 thousand followers in under two weeks. In fact, the writer himself Ed Summers posted his own Wikipedia page, calling himself a government watchdog. The Wikipedia ban will last for at least 10 days until they decide how to further handle the incident. The editors apparently don't think very highly of Donald Rumsfeld. They edited the former Secretary of Defense's biography page to say that he is an "alien lizard who eats Mexican

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