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The Week's Best Trailers: Interstellar in Space and a First Look at Mockingjay

•, By Jordan Crucchiola

We're talking Hunger Games, Sin City, Interstellar, and so, so much more! It's like Christmas for people who get to the theater on time just to see previews. And we've got a lot of ground to cover, so get your smart TV set up to wirelessly stream, because most of these are heavy hitters that need all the sound and fury your home theater system can muster. Now open your presents!

After two very clever Capitol propaganda videos that showed President Snow placating his fractured citizenry, we finally have an official teaser with actual movie footage, which means we finally get to lay our eyes back on Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen. It's been too long! Unrest in Panem is hitting critical mass. Snow is sending out soldiers to quell uprisings across the nation, and the brain trust of District 13, who we get to see all together for the first time here, is fanning the flames of revolution. But they need a figurehead! They need a symbol to rally this rebel alliance!

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