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The 161 Bankers Who Run the World How They Do It By Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

In following video, Peter Phillips from Project Censored lays out exactly how the richest one-thousandth of 1% maintain iron control over the global economy and all so-called democratic governments. He cites a study Project Censored published in their Top 25 Censored Stories of 2012-2013 edition of the world's most "integrated"* corporations and those with the largest financial asset concentration. Unsurprisingly, there's considerable overlap between the two groups. The 161 board members of the top 13 companies control $28 trillion of wealth. They also help the 1% hide another $30 trillion offshore so it can't be taxed. They're 88% white (and nearly all male) and 63% come from the US or Europe.

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