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Why I Am Not a Zionist

•, Scott Lazarowitz
 In fact, I'm an anguished Jew. But I am not a Zionist. I'm an individualist and an advocate of private property and voluntary association.

But because the words Zionism and Zionist are oftentimes thrown around carelessly and ignorantly, I want to clarify what that means.

Since the late 19th Century, Zionism has been a political movement promoting a national homeland for Jews, with the mystical "Land of Israel" as God's "Promised Land" to the Jews, according to the Bible. However, the more influential Zionists would not consider any other territory but Israel (or Palestine as it was known before 1948) as the "safe homeland for Jews." But as Murray Rothbard pointed out, Israel was already inhabited. Thus, the resettling of Jews to that one small territory involved not voluntary contracts and property title transfers but involuntary land takings that were carried out not by private individuals but by government bureaucrats and their armed enforcers.

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