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South Korea Is Airlifting Choco Pies To The North To Troll Kim Jong-Un

•, Polly Mosendz
Choco Pies, if you are not familiar, are delicious chocolatey cookie snacks with a marshmallow center. South Korean activists launched giant balloons carrying the pies towards North Korea, a practice they have previously used for sending knowledge of the outside world on pamphlets and USB drives. 

Choco Pies are very popular in North Korea, to the degree that there is a sort of Choco Pie black market. A factory shared by North and South Korea used the pies to pay employees. The employees would then sell the pies for a premium, and use them to purchase other things.

Beyond their street value, the Choco Pie also represented a world outside of North Korea. Author and history professor Andrei Lankov explained in his book, The Real North Korea: Life and Politics in the Failed Stalinist Utopia that the Choco Pie "symbolizes South Korea's prosperity, sophistication and progress. Like canned beer in the Soviet Union of my youth, [the Choco Pie] shows that the surrounding world is rich and full of wonders?gastronomical and otherwise."

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Comment by Ed Price
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And so begins the loss of North Korean freedom. They lose their freedom because they accept a benefit, thousands of delicious Choco Pies. But they don't perceive that they actually are going to be giving a much larger benefit in return. They don't see that the benefit that they will be giving is future slave labor to the leaders of democracies, democracies controlled by the bankers, democracies who will tell them that they are free if they only pay a few, paltry taxes, democracies that will receive the benefit of their future enslavement.

If someone gives you a gift, don't you feel a bit obligated to give him a gift in return? North Korean people will feel it way down deep... once they have sampled the thousands of delicious Choco Pies, that is. So, sometime in the future, they will feel obligated. But if they don't, some democracy, government thief will make them feel that they owe something in return.

It's the same with us. We have loads of luxury in life. We have cars and houses that we didn't build. And Government tricks us into thinking that it was they who gave these things to us, and we owe something in return, taxes.

Well, it wasn't Government who gave these things to us. Probably our luxuries and enjoyments would even be greater without Government. In fact, because we are being forced to pay taxes, we are the ones giving a benefit to Government. Yet they offer us nothing in return, nothing that you can put your finger on, that is.

Oh, they tell us they protect us from foreign nations. And they give us roads, and schools, and medical, and all kinds of things. But it can't be shown FOR A FACT that we have these things because of Government. And it looks like Government people are receiving way more. Just look at the far greater luxuries they clothe themselves with at our expense.

ISN'T IT ABOUT TIME THAT WE START RECEIVING PAYMENT IN RETURN FROM GOVERNMENT? Or better yet, isn't it time that they stop taking our property from us without giving something in return that you can REALLY SEE comes from them?

These poor North Koreans. If they would only know to destroy the thousands of delicious Choco Pies, to turn their backs and run, so that they and their whole nation don't get screwed by the same things that screw us in our lives... democracy and taxes.

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