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Who Really Won the 2012 Presidential Debates?

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It?s extremely difficult to predict the future. Political forecasters make a lot of money to do a lot of guesswork. And so often, elections are won and lost on how one candidate views the future, while their lasting legacy is defined by the accuracy of their vision. It?s been about two years now and today, we look back at the 2012 presidential debates between President Barack Obama and Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Romney dealt a vicious blow to the president in the first of three debates, at least in the eyes of the audience. Obama?s tired facial expressions and outburst against the moderator gave the PR victory to his challenger. The next two debates were heralded as swift and decisive victories for President Obama, after he punched Romney with several memorable quotes. When Romney declared Russia as the number one threat to the US, Obama accused him of trying to stir up the Cold War. Now, US - Russian relations are more strained than at any point since the Cold War

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