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War Against War! and the Necessity of Graphic War Photos

Though it is perhaps second to Vietnam in terms of wars now considered to be a mistake, and in spite of the idea of the horrors of trench warfare, there is still this notion of WWI being an ancient, and even sterile conflict. Photography is stiff and contrived. There is nothing as moving as, say, the evidence of the Nazis' death camps.

Except that there is. But like other evidence of the horrors of WWII that didn't fit the good guy narrative ? say, footage of the effect of the atomic bombs on human beings, which were censored for decades ? the truly modern slaughter of the First World War is known in theory, but rarely seen.

Ernst Friedrich's 1924 polemic War Against War!, which was published in a new edition in March, defy that ease of categorization between the gentleman's statemate and the following war during which civilians were the easiest target.

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