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Former NSA Director Sold Classified Info For $1M Per Month

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Alexander retired from the agency last year, and his name will be forever linked to Snowden's vast data theft. When news of his million-dollar plus consulting fee leaked, Alexander was blasted my members of Congress, one of whom blamed him for profiteering by trading secrets for cash.

More directly, Florida Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson accused Alexander Wednesday of disclosing "classified information to bank trade groups for monthly fees of up to $1,000,000."

According to Grayson, here quoted in press reports, "Disclosing or misusing classified information for profit is, as Mr. Alexander well knows, a felony. I question how Mr. Alexander can provide any of the services he is offering unless he discloses or misuses classified information, including extremely sensitive sources and methods."?.

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Well at least Angel reads FP. Now if I could only get the publisher to do the same.

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