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Kim Phuc, the "Napalm(-ed) Girl" forgives Capt who coordinated It, IN Person...

•, by AnCapMercenary

"We cannot change history, but with love we can heal the future." - Phan Thi Kim Phuc (aka, the "Napalm Girl")

The story of the famous naked girl running down the road in Vietnam. If there was one photograph that captured the horrific nature of the Vietnam War, it was that of a nine-year old girl running naked down the road, screaming in agony from napalm burns that had eaten into her flesh. The photographer who took that picture of young Kim Phuc was awarded a Pulitzer Prize. But ironically, the picture that moved millions to tears, ultimately made Kim Phuc a victim all over again. This is her story. 1997 documentary.

It takes unbelievable amount of courage, and human sympathy, to forgive and in fact implore the future generation to strive for peace, love and grant forgiveness to those who have done you harm. But nevertheless, like the innocent Japanese civilians/victims of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, here she is doing just that; what an unbelievably beautiful soul!

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