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Police Brutality Spirals Out of Control

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The growing unrest near St Louis remains the top story in the nation today. Right now, hundreds of furious local residents are protesting the police after a white officer shot and killed an unarmed black teen. What started as a peaceful protest is now spiraling out of control. One reporter says the police are essentially acting as a military force against the same people they are sworn to serve and protect. Police dressed in full combat gear with riot shields, helmets and masks are firing rubber bullets and tear gas into huge crowds of people. Police officers asked several people to turn their cameras off. When they didn?t comply, police started walking slowly down the street, behind the protection of riot shields and shot tear gas bombs like rockets directly at the crowds of people. Officers proceeded to break down their camera equipment. In a nearby McDonalds, police surrounded and arrested two other reporters while they tried to unplug their laptops.

Police Brutality Spirals Out of Control:

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