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Did Michael Brown Steal Cigars ? Or Pay For Them?

• by William N. Grigg (Lew Rockwell blog)
If Michael Brown committed a felonious strong-arm robbery at a convenience store just minutes before he was shot, why didn't anybody from the store call 911? The report was made by a customer following what appeared to be an altercation between the 6'4″ Brown and a much smaller store employee.....

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Comment by Psychictaxi
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Mr. Grigg states: "Wilson was not aware of the alleged robbery, and he was not pursuing Brown as a suspect." We must be seeing different reports. I repeatedly saw it reported yesterday that the Officer advised two said individuals from his car to get out of the street, and kept rolling on. AFTER he had passed them the call came on his radio of the incident with their descriptions - that's when he backed his cruiser up and the 'altercation' began. I can dig up references if need be, but I'm pretty sure of what I saw - more than once. Ed in Phoenix