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Worse than Nazis: Official US Army Manual 3-39.33 ok SNIPING UnArmed American Protesters...

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Special Report: Alex Jones reveals the US military's plans to subdue and kill Americans in civil disobedience protests.He reveals the documentation that proves how the protests in Ferguson MI, are just the start of martial law tactics in America.

** Gee... what a coinkydink, eh? Just in time for open PsyOp, Feds-PROVOCATEURed Ferguson protests.

This manual is now, officially the NWO-hijacked USG's 'Wansee Moment,' in the sense that they openly wrote down what is absurd and immoral, as a matter of official govt policy. Well, so okay, besides Patriot ActS and 2012 NDAA Section 1021/1022. lol. But still, doesn't make it any less unsettling.o/

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