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Obama Chose Bergdahl Over Foley

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What?s the value of a life? The Islamic Militants that brutally murdered American journalist James Foley DEMANDED a HUGE RANSOM for his release. When their demands weren?t MET, they sent harsh EMAILS to his family. John and Diane Foley were trying to RAISE the funds. They even wrote a plea of MERCY to their son?s kidnappers. ISIS wanted 132 million dollars for his release. But President Obama wasn?t hearing any of it. Even while other nations willingly give up large sums of cash to buy hostages freedom, the United States held strong in their resolve, not listening to any offers from the Islamic terrorists. Or did they? National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said ?the US does not grant concessions to hostage takers. Doing so would only put more Americans at risk of being taken captive.? But they DID put Americans at risk to save Foley. On Thursday, US Officials DEFENDED the failed Special Forces RESCUE attempt to save Foley?s life IN Syria. General Martin Demps

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