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Toxic Vaccines and Autism: A CDC Coverup

Much of this information came from my colleague Mike Adams from To find more information about this story, use tags #vaccinegate and #EndVaccineViolence.

For over 20 years, I have seen enough parents who reported that their child was developing normally until they received a vaccine. Within hours to days of the vaccine (particularly the MMR vaccine), these parents claim that their children changed in their behavior and attitude. The story was always similar; one day the child was normal, the next day he/she was crying and irritable and began regressing on all fronts?neurologically, behaviorally, and emotionally. From this point on, the lives of the parents and affected children were changed forever. Nearly all of these children were eventually diagnosed as autistic.

Unfortunately, vaccines contain toxic additives such as mercury, aluminum, and/or formaldehyde.   I have written about these toxic additives many times before. Injecting a dangerous substance like ethyl mercury into any living being makes absolutely no sense to me.  How could it make sense? Mercury is an extremely toxic substance that needs to be avoided, not injected into any living being, much less a small child whose blood-brain barrier is not properly formed.

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