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New Book- CIA Plotted to Assassinate Nixon Over Vietnam Troop Withdrawals, Detente


Roger Stone, former Advisor to Richard Nixon and New York Times bestselling author of The Man Who Killed Kennedy ? now says the same forces who killed JFK tried twice to assassinate President Richard Nixon for the same reason, Vietnam and their bitter opposition to detente.

A Washington Insider for forty years, Stone's sweeping new book Nixon's Secrets traced the ark of the career of the 37th President, Richard Milhous Nixon, the most brilliant, sad, bold, awkward, disciplined, insecure, proud and visionary man to ever serve as President.

Stone claims the CIA tried to kill Nixon twice in Miami in 1972. Nixon further inflamed the CIA for demanding their records on the Bay Of Pigs and the JFK assassination. "CIA Director Richard Helms and Nixon had so much on each other that neither could breathe" says Sen Howard Baker in Stones's book.

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