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On a Budget? Pink Slime is Back to Save You Money!


It was so bad that one company, Beef Products Inc., was forced to close several plants and file for bankruptcy after the backlash in 2012. Incidentally, BPI filed a 1.2 billion dollar lawsuit is pending against ABC for breaking the story that more than 70% of grocery store ground beef contained pink slime.

Well, in response to rising meat costs, it's back. (Did it ever actually leave?) BPI will be manufacturing the slaughterhouse remnant product at a new plant in Kansas, and Cargill Inc. is also producing the slime.

Of course, neither company is marketing the product under the name "pink slime."  BPI calls it "lean finely textured beef" (LFTB) and Cargill calls it "finely textured beef."  That makes it sound almost fancy, doesn't it?

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