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Triton oxygen mask allows underwater breathing without oxygen tanks


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Comment by Bernhard Engl
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Correction: the first line should end with the word "worst". If anyone knows how to edit comments after being posted, please tell me.

Comment by Bernhard Engl
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This device is wishful thinking at best and a scam to defraud investors at best. It violates basic scuba diving physics. Scuba diving is not just about replenishing oxygen, it is also about eliminating carbon dioxide and topping off the volume of lung content lost with increasing depth. In standard scuba, this is done by the tank and regulator assembly and the carbon dioxide is bubbling away into the water with each exhalation. This obviously requires large tanks for any useful endurance. Rebreather scuba reduces the size of tanks by recycling some of the breathing gas, but it needs a counterlung (a bag with lung volume) to temporarily store the exhaled gas, and a bulky carbon dioxide scrubber canister. The "Triton" lacks all these features. It is not technically feasible. But it would make a nice prop in a SciFi movie, though.

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