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Amish as Prepper Role Models

•, by V.R.
 These folks are reputed to be among the most conservative of the Old Order Amish, having not yet adopted many of the modern conveniences other Amish groups have seen fit to adopt. For instance, SE Minnesota Amish still use steel rims on their buggies and farm implements, they cook and heat with wood, and they use kerosene lamps and lanterns for artificial light sources. The cultural differences between Amish groups seem to be directly proportional to the distance between their settlements.

Amish history goes back for over 300 years (1693), to the heart of the Protestant Reformation. If you count the Mennonite connection, from which they separated, you could say it dates back almost 500 years. The first thing to understand about the Amish is that they are first and foremost Protestant Christians, and they are devout. A friend of mine pointed out that most of us Christians really have only two commandments left, but the Amish still obey all 10. With regard to religion, they differ from modern day Protestants primarily in that they are Anabaptist (adult baptism) and they are absolutely pacifist.

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