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US Secretary of Defense says 'new world order being built'

CHRIS UHLMANN: Finally, you have a unique seat in the world, a great place to see the world from and you've got a unique history; you're a soldier, you're a senator, now you're a Secretary of Defense. What is the thing that concerns you most about what you see in the world at the moment?

CHUCK HAGEL: Well, I think it's the dangerous unpredictability of a world that is I think trying to define a new world order. We've never seen such diffusion of economic power; more people have more say, as it should be, and after all, isn't that why we fought a couple of wars?: to give more people more opportunities to be unleashed from dictatorship and authoritarian governments? We are seeing a new world order being built in the early 21st Century. The United States of America has some responsibility to help lead that. We can't dictate that order; nor can any country. But we can help shape it, as other countries - I was just in India; look at what's happened in India, Indonesia. All of the - your neighbors in this area have a tremendous say in the outcome of world affairs and that's, quite frankly, as it should be, but that also complicates outcomes.

CHRIS UHLMANN: Secretary Hagel, thank you.

CHUCK HAGEL: Thank you.

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