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10 TV Shows That Should Have Run Forever

No, I'm not talking about some tragic heartbreak or the knowledge that you once killed a man- I'm talking about a TV show that was cancelled too quickly. There's almost nothing more devastating than discovering that your favourite TV show has been lost before it's time, and I'm here to salve your wounds (well, agree with you), and give you some more doomed programmes to obsess over. Any controversy over item five is your own fault. Enjoy!  1. Firefly

I mean, because obviously. Joss Whedon's space western was very probably his finest venture into the land of television-a little more grown-up than Buffy and Angel, a little more focused than Dollhouse, and featuring some barnstorming performances by Nathan Fillion et al as the ragtag crew of hunk o' junk spaceship Serenity.

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Comment by Linda Ferrante
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I'm surprised that no one said Farscape!

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