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Bastard Nation: America's Welfare State Comes of Age


Conservatives 60 years ago said this would happen. It happened. It will keep happening. There is no turning back until the welfare state runs out of other people's money.

You want an explanation for America's growing inequality? Start here. The federal government, of course, never starts here. State and local governments never start here. Liberal media never start here. But we should.

When a society defines a family as a married couple, the following does not happen. When it defines a family as an unmarried mother, children, and a welfare check, this is the result.

It can be summarized on a bumper sticker. "They copulate. We pay."

Yes, yes, I know: I am not politically correct. Tough.

All of this follows from a fundamental economic law: "When the state subsidizes a particular lifestyle, it gets more of this lifestyle." Simple. Easy to remember. Never mentioned in polite company.

Call me impolite.

The voters have always known this. But the voters have been guilt-manipulated by liberals. The voters have chosen not to pay attention to economic cause and effect.

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