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US seeking to turn ISIL on Russia: Analyst


The US government and its allies like Saudi Arabia funded and trained ISIL for many years, said Bruce Gagnon, coordinator of the Global Network against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space.

The US and its regional allies are using the vicious terrorist organization to target nations like Iraq, Syria, Russia and Iran, Gagnon told Press TV during a phone interview on Monday.

"The United States is a desperate, desperate, crumbling empire, but at this point so dangerous, because in that desperation, it will do anything and attack anyone in order to try to maintain its control," he stated. "The United States is absolutely a wounded, declining imperial power that cannot be trusted under any circumstances."

"There is even talk of trying to turn ISIS towards Russia one of the next countries that the United States military intends to try to break into pieces so that it would be much easier for the oil corporations to get a hold of Russia's natural gas," the analyst noted.


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