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Here we go folks…Universal Basic Income!!!

The politics of a guaranteed income get a lot easier when you acknowledge that the U.S. is no longer the land of opportunity.

Free money for everyone!

With weak job growth, rising poverty, and the rich continuing to devour nearly all economic growth, it's an idea that is gaining more credence. Arguments for a universal basic income (UBI) — in which everyone without exception would receive an equal stipend — have flourished in policy-centric areas of the internet, including The Week. Advocates of UBI see it as a blunter, more effective means of reducing poverty and shrinking the inequality gap.

But even if UBI proponents are right on the merits, Tyler Cowen argues that the politics of the issue are not favorable.

Under most plausible assumptions about the Basic Income level, most people would not be recipients, nor would they expect to be potential net gainers from the program. And in general voters put much more importance on common-sense notions of "desert" than do economists. So I think the "why send money to people who aren't working?" intuition will crowd out the "I want to think of myself as someone who helps other people" feeling.


Not sure I've seen such a blatantly socialistic/communistic MSM article to date.

The claim: jobs are drying up so EVERYONE should get UBI…Universal Basic Income.

They are right in that jobs are drying up but they fail to mention that Obama's policies, that have all but destroyed a nation, are to blame.

The idea of fighting back, showing the American spirit are nowhere to be found here. The government and MSM have been infiltrated by those who wish to destroy what has been built here. Call it the powers that be or whatever but the goal is clear:

Top down destruction.

The history of nearly universal labor participation is only about a century and a half old. Back in the early days of capitalism, demand for labor was so strong that all the ancient arrangements of society and family were shredded to accommodate it. Marx's Capital famously described how women and very young children were press-ganged into the textile mills and coal mines, how the nighttime was colonized for additional shifts, and how capitalists fought to extend the working day to the very limits of human endurance (and often beyond).  more at url

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