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Military-industrial complex's money

• Ron Misenor, Las Vegas SUN

Those who want to know why the police are being militarized need only follow the money and it will become clear.

It works like this: America is tired of war and is cutting back on defense spending. This cuts the profits of the military-industrial complex.

To pump up its bottom line, the arms industry pressures its lackeys in Congress to give grants to police departments with the understanding the grants are for buying military equipment.

The bottom line is this: Profits go up for people in the arms industry, and they are happy. The congressmen involved in the military-industrial complex get their kickbacks, and they are happy. The police get new toys they do not have to pay for, and they are happy.

And finally, the American public gets a militarized police force it didn't want or ask for.

This leaves the American public unhappy and wondering how it happened.

Just follow the money!

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