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Perfect for the Post-Snowden Era: A Shirt That Shields Your Cellphone

•, By Margaret Rhodes

This shirt is for you. Inspired by George Orwell's classic dystopian novel 1984, this new line of clothing from Australian company The Affair features a pocket that can take your phone—and thus, you—off the grid for select periods of time.

The Affair launched in 2007, when founder Zoltan Csaki wanted a creative outlet beyond his advertising job. He began designing graphic t-shirts. "It wasn't particularly original, to be honest," he says, but one in particular outsold the others by 10 to one. It was a graphic ode to Orwell's 1984. Fast forward a few years, and Csaki is expanding the line into what he calls "menswear proper." "It felt right to return to his world of 1984 for our inspiration of our first menswear collection," he says of the surveillance-themed streetwear pieces, which have been dubbed 1984. Plus, "around the same time we had begun this process, Edward Snowden burst on the scene and all the pieces went into place."