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Airbus Patents a VR Helmet That'll Make You Forget You're on a Plane


Aircraft manufacturer Airbus is abetting the shift, but a recent patent filing shows it hasn't forgotten about you, the passenger who actually has to sit in these miserable flying cells. It's considering helmets that will let you forget you're in an airplane at all.

Flying can be boring or stressful, which is why airlines provide music, movies and bad TV. The next step appears to be thoroughly immersing passengers in what they're watching. "The helmet in which the passenger houses his/her head offers him/her sensorial isolation with regard to the external environment," reads the patent filing.

The helmets feature headphones to provide music. You can watch movies (perhaps in 3D) on the "opto-electronic" screen or possibly through "image diffusion glasses." If you want to get some work done, turn on the virtual keyboard, which appears on your tray, don a pair of motion capture gloves, and type away.

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