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'Bitcoin Jesus' Offers Bounties to Hunt Down Hackers and Thieves


That makes him a prime target for hackers. They've stolen his money, and they've broken into his email account. But the Bitcoin Jesus is becoming the Bitcoin Vigilante.

"I am tired of seeing real criminals, with lots of victims being ignored, while traditional law enforcement is busy going after perpetrators of victimless crimes such as those involved in the Silk Road Marketplace," Ver says.

In 2012, someone hacked the online currency exchange Bitcoinica, stealing tens of thousands of bitcoins Ver had stored there. And in May, someone broke into his old Hotmail account, using it to steal sensitive information. Then things came to a head last week, when someone infiltrated an email account belonging to another big bitcoin name: Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious founder of the digital currency. Ver thinks it was the same hacker who busted into his Hotmail account.

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