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The end according to Islam – Islamic State magazine Dabiq's disturbing apocalyptic message


INSTRUCTIONS for invasion, boasting of killings and martyrdom, and apocalyptic predictions line the pages of Islamic State's shocking magazine. Named after a town in northern Syria, flagged as the location of "Armageddon", DABIQ is a professional-looking publication, and it's disturbingly accessible. Three 50-page volumes of the extremist propaganda mag, used by the terror outfit to recruit and radicalise foreigners are available online and published in a number of languages, including English. An explanation of the name of the magazine in the first issue outlines the apocalyptic message and makes sense of some of the destructive images of a world in destruction that are common across the publication's three issues. "This place (Dabiq) was mentioned in a hadith describing some of the events of the Malahim (what is sometimes referred to as Armageddon in English). One of the greatest battles between the Muslims and the crusaders will take place near Dabiq," it r

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