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CIA and the National Archives Thwart The JFK Act and Obstruct Democratic Accountability


That's what Congress intended when it unanimously passed the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 ("JFK Act"). It hasn't happened. The National Archives and the CIA are still withholding thousands of pages of JFK Act records in their entirety, even though it has been more than a half century since the Warren Commission issued its Report on the murder of the President. NARA's actions violate the law and its intent, and severely erode the principle of democratic accountability, on which America's government is based. This violation directly raises the issue of who writes the law, who rules in the United States: the elected representatives of the people in Congress or the intelligence agencies?

The Assassination Archives and Research Center ("AARC"), a nonprofit organization dedicated to obtaining, preserving and disseminating information on political assassinations, is holding a conference on the 50thanniversary of the Kennedy assassination this September 26-28th, at the Bethesda Hyatt Regency Hotel. Entitled "The Warren Report and the JFK Assassination: Five Decades of Significant Disclosures," the conference will show that a large number of significant disclosures have been made over the decades since the Report was issued and have severely wounded its credibility. Its conclusion is now a myth. There was no single rifle, and there was no lone assassin.

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