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Pax Instruments T400 Temperature Datalogger


Pax Instruments T400: first of a new class of affordable lab instruments

A Little History

A few years ago, I was engineering a new product and trying to log the temperature at multiple points within my device. I found myself needing a device that could log several temperatures at the same time, for many hours, and could work reliably without me needing to keep a close eye on it.

But, when I looked around for something to meet my needs, the options were slim: I could spend close to a thousand dollars on a very expensive, proprietary lab instrument with limited capabilities, or I could spend my time rather than my money and create a specialized system using an Arduino™.

So, with help from a few friends, I set out to solve this problem by creating an easy-to-use "plug and play" device that's more than accurate enough for most purposes, yet still has the flexibility of an open system. After many months of careful designing, I'm thrilled to introduce the result of our efforts: the T400 Temperature Datalogger!