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Kurds Admit U.S. Troops Fighting in Iraq

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The fighting in Iraq is as hot as it's been since the US pulled their forces out a few years ago. Ironically, rather, sadly, it's just as US troops are marching right back into the fray. Most middle eastern experts point back to 2006, when Iraq appointed Nouri al-Maliki as their prime minister. This new government, largely established by US instruction, failed to include any strong leadership from the Sunni arabs. Maliki is a Shiite, and no surprise, his entire hand picked cabinet was also Shi-ite. This recent violent outbreak by ISIS isn't a spur of the moment thing. Instead, it's a long, drawn-out process of resentment and exclusion, stemming from the Maliki election 8 years ago. So while the long-term solution is probably a diplomatic one, the short-term solution seems like it can only be a combative one. Whether or not American soldiers should see battle in Iraq is a hotly debated topic. Several Congressmen from BOTH sides of the aisle are already pressuring Oba

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