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The March of the Boobeiosie


The political establishment – masquerading as the sock puppet du jour – continues to find new "enemies" with which to terrorize Boobus Americanus into surrendering their lives, liberty, wealth, and intelligence in a "fight" that is intended to go on forever. The latest concocted foe is ISIS, successor to the Al Qaeda "threat" that was so useful in bamboozling Americans into the war-whooping that continues in Iraq and Afghanistan. Using the anniversary of the 9/11 attack to work the mob into a frenzy, President Obama introduced what the establishment hopes will be a new wrinkle in its efforts to overcome popular resistance to the "perpetual war for perpetual peace" that has become America's epitaph. America will only resort to using machines – e.g., bombers, missiles, drones, etc. – for the killing of people the government has been so anxious to begin killing: Syrians. The practice will give a whole new meaning to "Syrial killers!"

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