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Obama's Syrian Bombing Scam


Thus far, the Establishment media is largely playing a lapdog role. A Washington Post headline today proclaims: "Obama the reluctant warrior, cautiously selling a new fight."  So we're supposed to think the president is a victim of cruel necessity, or what?

A New York Times headline today announces: "In Airstrikes, U.S. Targets Militant Cell Said to Plot an Attack Against the West."  "Said to" is the perfect term –  perhaps sufficient to alert non-braindead readers that something may be missing (i.e., evidence).

The Tom Toles cartoon to the left explains Obama's policy far better than anything that has yet come out of the White House.

As usual, Congress has thus far utterly disgraced itself on this carnage.  Even though the vast majority of members have (unjustifiably) safe seats, they left town for vacations and maybe a little vote hustling.

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