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Following Fools Blindly Into War - Again and Again


Talk of war once again rules the political dialogue. And the general public is buying it – again.

The Sept. 20 headline in the Financial Times says it all: "Americans galvanized for Return to War in Iraq."

Just a few weeks ago, a war-weary public was complacent on the subject until videos of the beheadings of two American journalists and a British aid worker surfaced. They not only surfaced, they were trumpeted by Prime Minister David Cameron, President Barack Obama and a host of other political players and so-called experts who — in record time — laid the foundation for a United States strategy to deal with evil ISIS, heightened terror alerts in the UK and infused new energies into fears that 9/11-type acts on U.S. soil were once again just around the corner.

Never mind the summer of bombs dropping on Gaza, blowing to pieces more than 2,000 innocents and devastating the region to the point it will take a generation or more to rebuild. Never mind the dozens who died at the hands of warring factions in Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen or Nigeria. Never mind the scores of Somalis brutally murdered or the two dozen beheadings in Saudi Arabia. Those videos and images rarely made it on the radar, and when they did, they never resonated.

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