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DIY Iron Man gauntlet launches actual rockets


We've featured a number of his one-off DIY creations before, including an Iron Man-inspired laser gauntlet. Well, now he's created another Iron Man gauntlet, although instead of just a burning laser, this one launches real rockets – and Priebe has already managed to hurt himself with the thing.

This latest device is modeled after one that appeared in Iron Man 3, and features an all-aluminum body finished in a gloss red/matte gold paint job. Patrick tells us that the painting process took two days, as it involved applying a layer of primer and a layer of filler, doing a lot of sanding, followed by a white base coat, a coat of chrome, two layers of candy red, and finally a layer of clear coat.

It's activated by two buttons on the inside of its hand section. Pressing one causes the rocket launcher to rise up or down from the main gauntlet, while pressing the other actually fires it. It utilizes a modified store-bought model rocket, that "goes bang" on heavy impact.

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