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Today's White House Press Conference on Ebola – What you need to see.


I recommend watching in fullscreen HD to see some of the more subtle facial movements, specifically the eye movements of the man on the far left. Observe the reaction from these people when the speaker makes the following statement:

"In Dallas, the public health system is now handling the case with the protocols that we know control this disease."

The guy with the glasses and the woman on the far right are the most obvious. The glasses guy shifts uncomfortably and then crosses his arms (defensive). The woman on the right shifts and looks away briefly. The guy on the far left reacted with some very weird eye crossing/rolling movement and it looks like he is going to faint or become sick in that moment.

Another honorable mention of total nervousness out of these folks was in response to a reporter's question, "Why is it spreading so quickly, and are you confident we won't see an outbreak in the US?"

Feel free to watch the conference and point out any other totally obvious tell-tale signs of guilt/nervousness and knowing more than they're letting on. Please include a timestamp so we can all look at that specific part of the video.

It's interesting to note that the White House initially titled this conference with the word "Pandemic", and then quickly changed it to "Epidemic".

his thread follows in real time the fact that it was originally titled a "Pandemic", and covers their rush to change the title on the White House page and its YouTube stream - Read more w/source links – pics – video here

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