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The Change In Cost Of Living Since 1938


With incomes up just 30x in those 76 years, the cost of a home has risen 70x, the cost of bacon has risen 100x, and the biggest of all, the cost of a Harvard education has risen 142x. Insidious... "the road to poverty is paved with small inflations."

Mises Economic blog provides some more color on where America is heading... The Road To Poverty Is Paved With Small Inflations...

The value of Venezuela's currency plummeted to record lows on the black market last week, with 100 'strong' bolivars exchanging for $1 (ten times lower than the official rate), and annual price inflation reaching 63%. Chavez's successor Nicolas Maduro, continuing to denounce the "capitalist economic war" on his socialist regime, now blames airlines for trying to collect ticket revenues the government isn't able to pay.

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