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Obama's Destructive DC Strategy

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The conflict in Iraq is extremely complicated, but President Barack Obama has a simple message: form an inclusive government. With Kurds, Sunnis and Shiite Muslims all clamoring for their part of the oil revenue and control in Iraq, the recently ejected Nouri al-Maliki allowed the country to deteriorate into a failed state by pushing out the Sunnis, excluding them from the political picture. Now that Haider al-Abadi is in power, many parties that once opposed Maliki are on board with this new national leader. But isn't it interesting that out of one side of his mouth, Obama advises Iraq to form an inclusive government, while back in the States, he steamrolls over the GOP with executive actions flying left and right. Ultimatums about energy, defense, the environment, counter terrorism and mercenaries. Not to mention, health care. Then, Obama promised he would sign ANOTHER executive action for immigration reform. That promise was short lived. Just weeks later, Obama

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