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2010 Republicans: Then and Now

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Six years ago, an Illinois Senator made history becoming the first African American to ever be elected to the White House. His powerful speeches about pulling out of Iraq, providing for the lower class and American minorities galvanized special interest groups all over the country. Weary from seemingly endless war in Iraq and Afghanistan, Barack Obama promised the nation he would bring them lasting change. Two years later, that same CHANGE brought Republicans out to the polls in droves, upset and infuriated with Obama's politics. Led by a host of flame-throwing candidates, the 2010 class of Congressmen shifted control in the House of Representatives BACK to the Republicans. What followed was a nasty battle of bi-partisan gridlock. State-by-Republican-state, lawmakers handcuffed Obama and worked as hard as possible to thwart his two years of what they called overreaching abuse of power. It's ironic, but now that it's their turn for re-election, CHANGE is still at the c

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