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Domestic Abuse Bruises NFL

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Hard news is sometimes hard to hear. Wars. Politics. Crime. Scandals. Terror. Every once in awhile, it's nice to step away and find an escape. Take a little breather and enjoy some entertainment. Most Americans find SPORTS to be just that. A sometimes-necessary distraction from all of the things in life that REALLY matter. But in recent days, the nation's number one Reality TV show is getting a little too "Real" for comfort. Troublesome details of multiple high-profile NFL athletes hitting their spouses and beating their kids. These same men who participate in sanctioned violence, justified by multi-million dollar contracts and record TV ratings, are turning on their own family members and lashing out in violent fashion. It started out with video footage in a New Jersey casino, showing Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, knocking his soon-to-be wife unconscious. Commissioner Roger Goodell is now on the hot seat, facing questions about whether or not he tried to

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