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Weighing the Cost of Perpetual War with Matthew Hoh

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A new report in the New York Times shows President Barack Obama's approval rating in foreign policy is at an all-time low. This comes on the heels of multiple videos published online where it appears to show Islamic State extremists beheading American journalists. There's also a new wave of US military troops in Baghdad right now, and while Obama says he refuses to allow America to be "dragged into a ground war," several reports quote top Kurdish and Iraqi commanders saying US boots are already on the ground fighting ISIS alongside the Iraqis. Not to mention expanded airstrikes bleeding over into Syria, Obama's foreign policy is under the microscope. But here's the interesting thing. According to this New York Times poll, MOST Americans are upset with the president for being too SOFT. They don't feel he's doing enough to fight ISIS overseas. To dig in a little deeper to the growing conflict in the Middle East, we're turning to Senior Fellow at the Center f

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