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IBM "sunflowers" to supply off-grid energy, water, and cooling


 Using a number of liquid-cooled microchannel receivers, each equipped with an array of multi-junction photovoltaic chips, each HCPVT can produce enough power, water, and cooling to supply several homes.

Swiss-based supplier of solar power technology, Airlight Energy, has partnered with IBM Research to utilize IBM's direct wam-water cooling design (adapted from use in IBM's SuperMUC supercomputer), water adsorption technologies, and leverage IBM's past work with multi-chip solar receivers developed in a collaboration between IBM and the Egypt Nanotechnology Research Center, to develop and produce the system.

Using a 40-sq-m (430.5-sq-ft) parabolic dish coated with 36 plastic foil elliptic mirrors just 0.2 mm thick, the HCPVT system prototype concentrates the sun's radiation onto a number of liquid-cooled receivers, each of which contains an array of 1×1-cm2 (0.39 × 0.39 in2) chips that each generate "up to 57 watts of electrical power when operating during a typical sunny day."

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