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Rower prepares to cross the Atlantic in futuristic boat

•, By Ben Coxworth

That's why in 2011, he began planning a trans-Atlantic rowing expedition to raise awareness of environmental issues. The boat that he had custom-built for the trip is now ready to go, and it looks like it could just as well be used for rowing to Mars.

Bakos started by teaming up with LOMOcean Design – the same firm that previously created the TURANOR PlanetSolar solar-powered yacht, and the Earthrace alternative fuel-powered boat. He tells us that his goal was to "design a unique ocean rowing boat that is safe, fast and reconsider all elements of traditional trans-Atlantic rowing from scratch."

Several months later, with a design in hand, he began looking for a builder. He decided on Flaar, a company based in his native Hungary, that's known for its vacuum-formed carbon epoxy sandwich-structured boats. Construction began at the end of 2012, and the finished trimaran – named the Samson – is now waiting to make the New York City-to-Paris crossing.

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