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Obama Describes Russian Aggression

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During President Obama's speech to the United Nations, he opened up right out of the gate by blasting Russia. With Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov sitting right there in the same room, Obama accused Russia of terrorizing Ukraine for the whole world to see. It's not the accusations against Vladimir Putin that we're looking at today though. Many of those aggressive actions Obama condemns are actually true. But when you listen to how Obama describes Russia's actions in Crimea and Ukraine, there's a clear parallel to the similar conflict happening in Iraq and Syria. I can only imagine what the Russian delegate said to Lavrov, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was pointing out that we're not in a Post war order, that many corrupt top Iraqi officials fled their posts, the United States is actively pouring arms into eastern Syria, fueling violent separatists in a conflict that has killed HUNDREDS of thousands, the US isn't just supporting the Syrian separatists,

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