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White house says we cant drone ISIS because we are out of ammo!


Continuing the Obama-American style of warfare, we are telegraphing nearly every move and weakness to our enemies. A report by Kate Brannen at Foreign Policy said that America's surveillance and drone firepower are so tied up in Afghanistan that the strategy to use them in Syria and Iraq is waning. What inspired Kate to write that story? Is it the defense contractors or people at the Pentagon who want more drone procurements? Or, is this just a natural fact that there is a surge in the use of this technology that is on a critical path for the American brand of warfare? Whatever the reasons and motivations, making headline news of the circumstance doesn't seem prudent. Furthermore, we know that there must be some of this technology in the NATO inventory as well. Is it available for deployment in Syria?

The circumstance just sends another stinger into the White House that it needs to revamp its ISIS strategy to become more comprehensive, concurrent, and complete bolstered by ground troops  more at url

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