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Doctor: Ebola Could Become Airborne

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All eyes are on Dallas Texas while the CDC scrambles to contain Ebola. Thomas Eric Duncan is in the hospital, while his family and several medics are under a forced quarantine. Even while monitors are closely watching more than 100 people in the area, CDC Director Tom Frieden continues to promise, Ebola will not get out of Dallas. Frieden says Ebola can ONLY be transmitted by DIRECT contact with bodily fluids from an infected, contagious patient. Many government officials say Ebola can lie dormant inside a victim for up to three weeks before symptoms start showing up. The CDC says Ebola is NOT contagious during that incubation period. But do they know for sure? Several other doctors are growing weary of the CDC narrative, and they're starting to write their own. Missouri doctor, Gil Mobley showed up in an Atlanta airport, wearing a full hazmat suit just to protest the CDC. Mobley says the CDC is sugar coating the risk of Ebola, accusing Frieden of being "asleep at the wheel

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