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You Want Some 'Uncle' Intel On Ebola ?


Ebola was released inside 3 major African countries on purpose approximately 6 months ago.

By who is above my uncles pay grade.

It's being considered a national security threat by the pentagon who is having major problems with the way the executive branch is handling things state side regarding the matter.

All major Western Aid groups pulled their people out of Africa 2 months ago.

A vacine has been used on a small number of 'select' troops, it kills 10-15 percent of the people it's administered to apparently at random, but it's the best we've got.

It's too late to stop the spread of the virus into the United States.

The current protocol is to keep every case quiet as a matter of national security (you were not supposed to know about the Texas case).

There is already a 'fema camp' in use for Ebola patients which is really an old military base where current patients are being taken to die & be used as lab rats basically.

There have been more than 300 people that have come through the ebola camp in the last 6 months (mostly illegal aliens). The ones who survive are being used as blood serum machines to save the 'elite'.

Many MANY national security gag orders have been issued to medical staff and to potential victims and their families.

Anyone leaking information now is risking big time trouble with the feds.

They know they cannot contain it and want more time to move troops / supplies into place to deal with YOU.

They will keep a lid on it as long as they can.

The current thinking in the executive branch is that Ebola is just going to become a fact of life like Aids, the Flu, etc..

THERE IS NO PLAN TO TRY TO STOP IT… Only to try to manage YOU.   more at url

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