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DOD preparing containment plans for Ebola, Martial Law on table tabulating magic number to start


Roommate delivers Pizza. He had multiple deliveries to the Pentagon and other facilities around 14/15th street and Pa ave last night.


He got curious and started asking..defense players are working containment plans for Ebola outbreaks in major cites. This includes shutting down non essential travel on roads. When you see call ups and deployments stand bye...

additional info"

Presently there is a blackout of accurate ebola news. talking heads on tv's have little info and make up the rest. Hospitals are already on alert and practicing protocols. Additionally, they can not release info due to privacy act. this fortify the federal news black out. Reason - prevent PANIC and supermarket runs. CDC has issued instructions to hospitals on medical protocols.

This link gives WHO situation reports on EBOLA.

it lists confirmed probable and suspected patients. THE US is not providing updates to the WHO. Look at the requirements for suspected...

there are other links on here that state over 300 quarantines with symptom yet no reporting to WHO or the US news.. only info that is leaked.

1. Need some one other than me to verify increased activity at DOD-- look for cars not normally there.

2. Any warning orders or OP orders given to NAT guard - look for activity at reserve units this weekend

3. Increased DHS presence

4. health care worker in five major cities report the protocols you have been issued. or other in already affected areas/

5. Monitor fire rescue and see how they handle potential ebola victims.

6. Funeral homes- dead can not be buried without special handling or cremation. need input on this. anybody in the business?

7. School announcements-

8. Any federal workers told they are mission essential and issued badges as such

from my stand point this is only the beginning. will have more info tonight hopefully from room mate.

Finally definition of suspected patient, notice second part 3 of the symptoms and no contact needed.

Any person, alive or dead, who has (or had) sudden
onset of high fever and had contact with a suspected,
probable or confirmed Ebola case, OR a dead or sick
animal OR...

...any person with sudden onset of high fever
and at least three of the following symptoms:
headache, vomiting, anorexia/ loss of appetite,
diarrhea, lethargy, stomach pain, aching muscles or
joints, difficulty swallowing, breathing difficulties, or
hiccup; or any person with unexplained bleeding OR
any sudden, unexplained death.

Last thing- contact with dead or sick animal- anyone heard from the news that animals can transfer it to humans - might be why they killed the Spanish woman's dog..........more at url

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