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3 Barter Items You Probably Haven't Considered But Will Be Valuable Even If the...


 Many preppers believe that when the SHTF and our economic system crashes, precious metals and bartering will be the system of exchange.  As a result, preppers stockpile certain items that might be desired in a post-SHTF world.

There are many lists out there.  From time to time, someone comes up with a new list that includes items that others haven't considered.  The thing that preppers need to remember is the difference between "needs" and "wants."  If you want to stockpile items, you should be concentrating on what people will "need" vs. what they might "want" in a post-SHTF situation.  Of course, some people's "wants" might be another's "needs."  So, this can always be subjective.

I think about items that I would want if I was in a post-SHTF world.  I try to imagine a typical day and what would be valuable to me and maybe to others.  Below are three items that might be barter worthy if/when the SHTF.

Medicine – This is a no brainer.  In a post-SHTF world, people are still going to need medicine and have health issues.  Yes, if all hell breaks loose, those who know how to use herbs to heal will share with the rest, but that will take time and people will still need meds!  However, what I want to highlight here is not just the stockpiling of meds, but the stockpiling and repackaging of medicines.

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