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Sweden and Britain Have Spoken. By Miko Peled


So now we can expect to see the Israeli military pulling back, checkpoints being dismantled and that grey ugly and very costly wall come tumbling down at last.  Soon Shuhada street in Hebron will be open for business and the settlers will vacate the homes they stole and return to wherever it was they they came from. Now there is no longer need for Palestinians in the old cities of Hebron, Jerusalem and Silwan to remain in their homes for fear that they be taken by armed Jewish settler mobs.

I can see the faces of the mothers and fathers of the thousands of prisoners who will now finally be released. The children who never saw their fathers, wives who had been alone for decades reunite with their husbands. Surely there will be celebrations in Ramallah, the flag of Palestine will be raised in Yaffa and in Haifa, in Akka and in Jerusalem.

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